Friday, January 04, 2008

Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton, Dennis Kucinich, and Barrak Obama,...

This year, I'll be supporting whatever Democrat gets the party's nomination for president. I got a chance to see Barrak Obama speak a couple months ago, and while he is an amazingly charismatic speaker, he seemed a bit of an empty suit. I don't understand why people in this country don't vote strictly on the issues. It may have something to do with the way TV news is so personality focused in this country. I'm not opposed to another Clinton economy. Ron Paul is fascinating because he's right about Iraq and our need to cut military spending. However, it's Dennis Kucinich, that holds all of the correct positions to suit my needs. He's in favor of impeaching Cheney, universal health care, moving the excessive military spending to improving the health of our nation, and expanding protection of our environment.

It's presidential primary season again... and I'm supporting Kucinich

It's presidential election time, and like most progressives I'm active in the political process. This time around I'm backing Dennis Kucinich. Few people give Kucinich the respect the progressive democrat deserves.

The best political coverage this season comes from John Nichols at the Madison Capital Times. I also regularly read the Boston Globe, but most of what I read comes from various blogs and other web media. There are a ton of signs in Arizona for Republican Ron Paul, though people serious about those positions should be supporting Kucinich, who is serious about a whole host of real progressive issues.